Taraxacum haussknechtii Hausskn.

Taxonomy: Fam. Compositae// Genus:  Taraxacum// Section: Taraxacum sect. Dioszegia (Heuff.) Heuff (syn. Taraxacum sect. Serotina Van Soest.)// Species: Taraxacum haussknechtii Hausskn. Determined as Taraxacum sect. Serotina according to the botanical key provided in Flora Europaea Vol. 4 (Tutin et al., 1976). In The Euro+Med PlantBase (Kirschner, Štepánek & Greuter, 2007+) this taxon is considered a synonym of the section Dioszegia (Heuff.) Heuff.Continue reading “Taraxacum haussknechtii Hausskn.”