Trifolium repens L. subsp. repens

Taxonomy: Fam. Fabaceae// Genus: Trifolium// Species: Trifolium repens L.// Subspecies: Trifolium repens L. subsp. repens. Determined according to the botanical key provided by Micevski (2001) to species level and Coombe in Tutin et al. (1968) to subspecies level. Species variability: Trifolium repens L. shows considerable amount of variation. In the Osogovo region two forms can be distinguished according to the key provided byContinue reading “Trifolium repens L. subsp. repens”

Silene italica (L.) Pers. subsp. italica

Taxonomy: Fam. Caryophyllaceae// Genus: Silene// Species: Silene italica (L.) Pers.// Subspecies: Silene italica (L.) Pers. subsp. italica. Determined according to the botanical keys provided by Micevski (1993) and Chater and Walters in Tutin et al. (1964). Habitat: Open habitats – grasslands/ pastures and clearings of forests. Distribution: Native from South Europe to Ukraine and Iran according to the distribution informationContinue reading “Silene italica (L.) Pers. subsp. italica”