Dianthus monadelphus subsp. pallens (Sm.) Greuter & Burdet

Taxonomy: Fam. Caryophyllaceae// Genus: Dianthus// Species: Dianthus monadelphus Vent.// Subspecies: Dianthus monadelphus subsp. pallens (Sm.) Greuter & Burdet. Determined according to Tutin in Tutin et al. (1964) and Micevski (1993) as Dianthus pallens Sibth. & Sm. In The Euro+Med Plant Base (source: Marhold, 2011+) this taxon is accepted as subspecies of Dianthus monadelphus Vent. Distribution:  SoutheastContinue reading “Dianthus monadelphus subsp. pallens (Sm.) Greuter & Burdet”

Centaurea solstitialis L.

Taxonomy: Fam. Compositae// Genus: Centaurea// Species: Centaurea solstitialis L. Determined according to the botanical keys provided by Dostál in Tutin et al. (1976) and Gajić in Josifović (1975). Lifeform: Annual; therophyte according to the Raunkiær system. Distribution: Native from Europe to Central Asia, Iran and Arabian Peninsula; North Africa according to the distribution information provided by the Plants of the WorldContinue reading “Centaurea solstitialis L.”